Author Sarah Deming, Brooklyn 2019.
Photo: Gordon Eriksen

Sarah Deming is a writer and teacher based in Brooklyn. Her YA novel Gravity, forthcoming in November 2019 from Make Me a World/Random House, tells the story of a female boxer’s battles on the road to the Rio Games. 

Sarah began boxing after graduating from Brown University and was the 2001 New York City Golden Gloves and Empire State Games featherweight champion. She has covered hundreds of amateur and professional fights from ringside, including the Rio Olympics and the 2012 Women’s World Championships in China. She covered the London Olympics as part of the Emmy-winning NBC team and, as an HBO Boxing Insider, covered the first women’s bout broadcast on HBO Championship Boxing. She coaches and tutors youth boxers at NYC Cops and Kids, a free community gym in East Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Her essays have appeared in The New York Times, the Guardian, the Washington Post, the Threepenny Review, Deadspin, and Penthouse Forum. She has won a Pushcart Prize,  MacDowell Fellowship, and been noted in Best American Essays and Best American Sportswriting.

Sarah coaching at Cops and Kids, NYC. Photo: Jenna Petrone

Sarah has worked as a chef, yoga teacher, financial recruiter, ghostwriter, vodka peddler, dog walker, nanny, and SAT coach. Eight years ago, she donated a kidney to her mother Ruth, who is still going strong. That kidney’s name was Odysseus; the kidney she kept is called Mike Tyson. Sarah lives in Brooklyn with her husband Ethan Iverson and their collection of stuffed monsters.

Photo: Raquel Ruiz

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